Over [#] number of clients

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“I have peace of mind knowing the EPRA program has my back .”

j. smith |  former client | April 2016


DVE is particularly beneficial to individuals in early recovery who lack vocational awareness and direction
as well as rehabilitated people who have been unable to sustain successful employment.


We find maintaining a strict tardiness policy provides our clients with diligence and gives them a strong work ethic preventing self sabotage in their new jobs. 

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Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE)

The Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) is a ten day/four-week program offered each month and consists of group work and individual counseling sessions. Workskills-Assessments are given to determine academic and practical strengths and weaknesses. 

Over the course of the DVE, clients explore vocational interests, identify transferable skills, and develop a realistic vocational plan. Psycho-educational workshops focus on enhancing communication abilities, increasing coping strategies, educating clients about vocational resources, improving self-presentation and interviewing skills, reducing vocational barriers, and maintaining rehabilitation. Each client is assigned an individual vocational counselor to assist and support them throughout the DVE. Clients will determine realistic vocational goals through classroom discussions, counselor sessions, and individual research. 

At the end of the four weeks, clients have the opportunity to meet with a counselor from the New York State Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR, formerly known as VESID) to discuss future steps. For those who qualify, ACCES-VR provides funding for training, internship and/or job placement services. 



  • Increased awareness of one’s vocational strengths, limitations, interests, and values

  • Availability of the career options, understanding of the current job market, and training/educational opportunities.

  • Guidance and support by the EPRA staff in developing a realistic and meaningful direction leading to employment that is compatible with individual recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse.

  • Ongoing coordination between EPRA staff and a ACCES-VR counselor in assessing clients current work readiness and potential to benefit from further training.

DVE is particularly beneficial to individuals in early recovery who lack vocational awareness and direction as well as rehabilitated people who have been unable to sustain successful employment.

Vocational & Assessment  Programs

EPRA Provides Job placement, Employment Assessment, Retention Services and Soft skills training, so you can stay employed, become fulfilled and maintain your rehabilitation.



EPRA is a multi service vocational rehabilitation program for individuals recovering from alcoholism and substance abuse. Our focus is vocational and involves an ongoing group designed to assist our members in assessing their capacity to manage the stress and demands of the work place while coming up with a vocational plan to become ready to integrate into work and their overall rehabilitation.

EPRA does not exclude clients based on race, gender, sexual orientation marital status, nationality or origin.


  • Total abstinence from alcohol and all illicit drugs.

  • Unemployed or underemployed.

  • Over 18 years of age.
    Ongoing involvement with treatment, mental and/or substance abuse, outpatient and inpatient or private.

  • Housing & financial stability.
    No emotional or medical conditions that would prevent employment.
    Demonstrate appropriate level of insight and coping skills needed to address vocational issues in a group setting.



01. CALL

To start the process at EPRA,

call (212) 947-1471.

02. SCREEn

We will conduct a quick screening with you, also known as our Telephone Intake, to gather some information about your background to establish eligibility.


Once the Telephone Intake is done, you will be invited to our Orientation, where we will provide you with information about EPRA and the Adult Career and Continuing Education Services (ACCES-VR).


Applicants demonstrating the ability to benefit from Job Readiness Training and/or Job Placement services work with EPRA employment specialists in preparing for and accessing job opportunities. The employment specialists work in groups and individually with clients on resume development, online applications, tapping into the hidden job market, and enhancing interviewing abilities. Assistance in acquiring basic computer skills for job search is also available to clients in our Job Placement phase.


EPRA understands that it's not just about getting the job - it's about keeping the job. Once an individual obtains employment, new challenges and stressors may arise. Employment Retention Services aim to help clients successfully navigate their new employment and make the right moves toward advancement. Counseling services, resume revisions, and career advice are available to EPRA alumni. 

Incentives for Documenting Your Employment
*We are happy to offer a five-day MetroCard to recent EPRA alumni who are able to provide us with a copy of a pay stub at four separate points in time during the first six months of employment. 


  • Possesses a clearly defined/realistic job goal and/or stated a willingness to maintain a open, flexible attitude to considering diverse placement options. 

  • Possess the ability to present themselves in a professional manner, with clear and honest information. 

  • Demonstrate an ability to behave in a professional manner consistent with employer expectation.

  • Dress and groom appropriately in an interview setting. 


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