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EPRA Placement Services for
Treatment Programs and Clients

In order to achieve continued success, EPRA will provide the following placement related services for treatment programs and their clients:

  • On site visits to treatment programs to discuss placement services for individuals in the variety of treatment modalities.
  • Consultation with EPRA staff about vocational rehabilitation and placement.
  • Cooperative relationship between treatment program and EPRA staff in establishment of placement goals.
  • Vocational assessment, including psychometric testing, to match client skills and abilities with job openings.
  • Direct job placement .
  • EPRA Job Readiness Training, including development of successful interviewing skills and refinement of resumes and cover letters.
  • Ongoing support to deal with issues of self-esteem and the stress of the job search.
  • Worksite experience to enable clients to develop and increase understanding of employer expectations and workplace demands.
  • Follow up client and employer support
  • Weekend and evening programming to promote job stability and address need for upward mobility.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with treatment programs.

For more information please contact
(212) 947-1471
email info@eprany.org

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