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“EPRA has given me the tools to make my dreams come true.  It has given me hope for the future; hope I never had before.”
Source: EPRA Graduate

"Work is more than making a living as vital as that is.  It’s fundamental to human dignity, to our sense of self-worth as useful, independent, free people."
Source:  William J. Clinton, Back to Work

"In the old days, the alcoholic was caught in the revolving door of the jail.  Then it was hospital, because the doctors didn’t know how to treat the disease.  Early rehab was the same.  Out of jail, out of the hospital, out of rehab... out of a job.  How did these people who needed to work, who wanted to work, get jobs without references?  So I got together with some government agencies, I put some money myself, and we started a job placement program.  Now the recovered alcoholic has someplace to go, a chance to rebuild his life.  We’re stopping the revolving doors."

Source:  Article from May 1986 about Brinkley Smithers "Alcoholism’s Sober Philanthropist" by Harry Minetree.

EPRA serves hundreds of recovering alcoholics and substance abusers each year, working closely with individuals and treatment programs, using vocational rehabilitation and employment to help people become stable and successful.

Alcoholism costs employers an estimated $33 billion in reduced productivity annually.  For employers, EPRA is a resource which provides reliable, motivated, and well-trained employees who know how to overcome obstacles and solve problems, have demonstrated records of excellent attendance and punctuality, and who are committed to a positive work experience. 

EPRA placement services and consultation services are provided at no cost to the employer.  

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