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The Employment Program for Recovered Alcoholics was founded in 1977 and has been a pioneer in providing vocational services for recovering people. As a not-for-profit organization, EPRA serves to provide a bridge back to success in the workplace for individuals who have effectively dealt with alcoholism and substance abuse.

EPRA grew out of the recognition that individuals in recovery frequently have unclear ideas of how alcoholism/substance abuse affected their working lives. While they sincerely want to look for work, they are often immobilized by fear about their abilities to perform in a working environment. They frequently have fragmented work histories . . . Low self-esteem . . . Have internalized social stereotyping all of which hinders their employment opportunities.

EPRA is a bridge back to work for them. With positive attitudes and well developed skills, they’re strongly motivated, conscientious, and eager to make contributions to society. Their success in dealing with a major life crisis, conquering the disease of alcoholism/substance abuse, gives them a stability and personal insight commonly found in the exceptional employee.

Today, thousands of EPRA trained people have returned to productive working lives in New York City. They work at jobs ranging from the mail room to the executive suite and are helping to change previous thinking about recovery.

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