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EPRA Services for Employers

EPRA Placement Services for Employers
  • Employer support services and follow-up which facilitate a successful work experience

  • Individualized consultation to employers on alcoholism/substance abuse in the workplace

  • Volunteer assistance through EPRA’s Work Experience Program

  • Technical assistance to help you fulfill ADA requirements

  • Identification of financial benefits for hiring people with disabilities

  • Evening and weekend programs to help employees improve workplace performance

Alcoholism costs employers an estimated $33 billion in reduced productivity annually.  For employers EPRA is a resource which provides reliable, motivated, and well-trained employees who know how to overcome obstacles and solve problems, have demonstrated records of excellent attendance and punctuality, and who are committed to a positive work experience.

EPRA placement services and consultation services are provided at no cost to the employer. 

Since 1978, EPRA has provided an array of vocational rehabilitation services for individuals in recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse.  Our primary goal is to assist recovering people in successfully re-entering the workforce in a sober manner.  We provide comprehensive pre- and post-employment services for both our clients and the companies whose employment needs we fill.  In addition, because of our continuing success, we are able to assist other work readiness programs in providing their client with job placement.  There is no charge for our services and you would be under no obligation to us if you choose to consider our candidates for employment in positions for which they are qualified.

 If you choose to develop a working relationship with us, we will maintain commitment to provide effective screening and ongoing post-employment services to ensure a successful experience for you and your organization.  Honesty is the essence of recovery.  We believe that our knowledge and expertise in vocational services and job placement would be of considerable value in fulfilling your employment needs.

For more information please contact us at (212) 947-1471, or by email at info@eprany.org.

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