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Quotes from EPRA Alumni

“EPRA has helped me get started in a career in financial public relations.  It really helped me form some direction in my life.  I am now in a career path which I really enjoy and am fairly successful at (Vice-President of a mid-town P.R. firm).”

“I was 37 years old and 4 months sober when I came to EPRA in 1990.  I, too, was a mess - certifiable unemployable.  EPRA was the second best action I ever took in my life.  Today I am a registered nurse after graduating form an accredited nursing school.  EPRA helped me believe in myself again.  EPRA works.”

“EPRA has helped me tap into resources I never knew I had- courage, discipline, and intelligence.  The courage to believe in myself.  The discipline to show up every day and put in the leg work.  The intelligence to pursue the career of my choosing.”

“EPRA helped me to build a new life, to change my thinking, to realize what I have been given.  And most important EPRA taught me to follow my dream.  I found through EPRA a new person and I like her a lot.  She’s responsible, punctual, and enjoys her work.”

“Thanks to EPRA I found my goal.  I work for the New York City water board in customer service and data entry.  I also volunteer for the hearing impaired as an ASL interpreter.  I look at my life today and forget the past.  It feels good.  I can stand tall and be proud of my self. 

“After completing all but the final “look for work” stage, I eventually went back to school and now am a CSW working with heroin addicts in the Bronx.  I don’t think it gets any better than that in terms of an EPRA success story.”

“EPRA has helped me gain focus and a jump start on my career.”

“EPRA helped me get the job of my dreams.  EPRA gave me the tools I need and helped give me confidence to pursue my dreams.”

“EPRA has helped me change my life.”  

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