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Since our inception in 1978,  EPRA has:

  • Enabled thousands of individuals, in recovery from the disability of alcoholism and substance abuse, to return to work and maintain long-term stability.
  • Provided disability-specific services that address unique workplace issues of individuals in treatment and recovery.
  • Graduated clients who understand and provide what employers expect from the workforce – productivity, teamwork and effective communication.

EPRA serves hundreds of recovering alcoholics and substance abusers each year.  Research studies demonstrate that the EPRA unique program has helped clients to achieve a significant level of self esteem and career maturity.  Eighty percent of our clients were in the same job after one year.  Ninety-five percent maintained their sobriety.

 EPRA prides itself on the cost-benefits of its program to society. Government saves an average of $18,000 per graduate for each year of their employment. 

EPRA’s contributions also extend to the community.  Clients have provided over 25,000 hours of volunteer service to the not-for-profit sector. 

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