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The EPRA Story

Since its inception in 1977, the Employment Program for Recovered Alcoholics (501.c.3) has provided the vocational rehabilitation link to a successful recovery process from the disease of alcoholism and substance abuse.   Studies have consistently demonstrated that job stability is a key factor in establishing long-term sobriety.  EPRA graduates are enabled to return to meaningful work, get off public assistance, pay taxes, and maintain long-term sobriety.

Until the founding of EPRA there was no recognized program for helping recovered alcoholics rediscover their employment potential.  Initial funding came from the National Council on Alcoholism and grants from the Union Carbide Corporation and Brinkley Smithers of the Smithers Foundation.   As a founder of EPRA, Brinkley Smithers continued his generous support.  Today, the generous spirit and support is continued by the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation and Adele C. Smithers.  EPRA’s success has generated subsequent support from other Foundations, Corporations, and government agencies.  100% of EPRA’s Board of Directors provide financial support to the organization.

EPRA’s Unique Program

EPRA’s unique career recovery program has been developed, tested, and refines after years of listening to clients.  Each component provides different, yet essential, information and experiences. Building on personal strengths developed in the program, EPRA helps people better set their vocational goals and to master the requirements of the workplace.  In addition to achieving meaningful employment, clients adopt positive principals that enrich their sober lives for the present and future.

EPRA's services include: job placement, job readiness training, evaluation and assessment and work experiences which enable clients to make the transition to the discipline of a normal working life-style.  Evening and weekend programs provide follow up to help clients and graduates deal with workplace issues.  EPRA’s Alumni Association provides support to both clients and graduates.  

EPRA Clients

EPRA is dedicated to the idea that the best interpersonal environment for recovery is a “melting pot” of men and women recovering from alcohol and substance abuse.  EPRA clients represent the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of New York City.  The common experience of recovery helps clients provide each other with valuable support. 

The Board of Directors and Staff of EPRA are committed to increasing services to individuals who are handicapped by the disability of alcoholism and substance abuse.

EPRA’s environment has been characterized by clients as “warm, caring, and safe.”  Our accomplishments are supported by numerous letters of gratitude and financial contributions from our most important constituency- the graduates of the EPRA program. 

 “Unfortunately, I know of no other program like EPRA in the United States.”
Dr. Anne Geller-Chief, Smithers Alcoholism Treatment and Training Center

EPRA Today

EPRA is a bridge back to work for individuals in recovery. With positive attitudes and well developed skills, they’re strongly motivated, conscientious, and eager to make contributions to society. Their success in dealing with a major life crisis, conquering the disease of alcoholism/substance abuse, gives them a stability and personal insight commonly found in the exceptional employee.

Today, thousands of EPRA trained people have returned to productive working lives in New York City. They work at jobs ranging from the mail room to the executive suite and are helping to change previous thinking about recovery.

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